Recommended links

Monday, 17th June, 2024

Bandolier (England)
Oxford scientists provide regular updates on the latest evidence about health and medical treatments.

Best Treatments (England)
This site from the British Medical Journal Publishing Group aims to help patients and doctors work together by providing them both with the best research evidence about treatments.

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
The Cochrane Collaboration, an international group working to improve the evidence base of health care, provides this electronic library of its summaries of the evidence for various tests and treatments.
Australians have free access through the National Institute of Clinical Studies:

DIPEx (England)
The Database of Individual Patient Experiences website has a wide variety of peoples’ personal experiences of health and illness. You can watch, listen to or read their interviews, find reliable information on treatment choices and where to find support. It is a not-for-profit organisation funded by the UK Department of Health and other British health groups.

DISCERN (England)
University of Oxford researchers have developed this website to help the general public and health professionals to better assess the quality of health advice and information.

Health News Review (United States)
The Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making in the United States analyses the quality of media coverage of treatments, tests and procedures.

Hitting the Headlines (England)
English researchers provide a rapid analysis of the evidence behind media stories of new tests, treatments and procedures. Many of these stories also appear in Australian outlets.

James Lind Library
This electronic library provides a wealth of useful resources about the evidence basis of health care.

Media Doctor Australia
A group from Newcastle analyse the quality of media stories about medical tests and treatments.

Media Doctor Canada
A sister site to the Australian group, providing a similar analysis of media stories.

Patient Decision Aids (Canada)
A quality controlled list of many decision aids from around the world, produced by the Ottawa Health Research Institute.

Sydney Health Decision Group
Academics at the University of Sydney are developing decision aids and other tools to help patients and health professionals incorporate evidence into their decision-making.